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Newton’s Nightmare


  • TITLE: Newton’s Nightmare: The Phenomena of the Heavens
  • AGE CATEGORY: Young Adult
  • GENRE: Adventure-Fantasy
  • SUB-GENRE(S): Action
  • PUBLICATION DATE: January 30st, 2022
  • PUBLISHER: WriteIn: Aaron Nava
  • FORMATS: Paperback and ebook.


  • Dystopian tale with a twist.
  • Fantasy Level (on a 1-10 scale; 9=magic, 2=realism)
  • Earth gravity fails and an unexpected world emerges.
  • Comp titles: Stranger Things, Aliens, Divergent, The Maze Runner
  • Not recommended for readers under the age of 13. (Language and scary scenes)

The Mezzo-Soprano

Beta Readers Reviews

“With recent events in the world during the time of reading, this story had a particular significance and this I felt, potentially made me react more strongly to this then I might have ordinarily. The storytelling was excellent, language was well used and there was an accurate use of poetic prose and more raw and candid prose throughout.” –

Stephanie Francis, beta reader and educator.

“In his debut novel, the Mezzo Soprano, Aaron Nava tells the story of Nadine, a self-centered, prejudiced teenager who’s about to get involved in a plot with terrible consequences. With vivid, dream-like imageries and thrilling twists of faith, Aaron guides his readers through Nadine´s journey of self-actualization and empathy. Showing it’s never late to change, if one’s willing to make sacrifices.”

Miguel F. Troncoso

“The Mezzo-Soprano is packed with nail biting thrills, mystery, and dazzling feats of action. A truly heart-wrenching and melancholy read from first to last page. Aaron Nava manages to tactfully write a contemporary-fantasy novel while also accurately mirroring America’s current racial issues and seedy political underbelly.”

A.R. Oblonsky, Copyeditor.


  • TITLE: The Mezzo-Soprano
  • GENRE: Contemporary-Fantasy
  • SUB-GENRE(S): Adventure, Crime, Dark Fantasy.
  • PUBLICATION DATE: October 31st, 2020
  • PUBLISHER: WriteIn: Aaron Nava
  • FORMATS: Paperback and ebook.


  • Heavy racial driven subplot 
  • Fantasy Level (on a 1-10 scale; 5=magic, 9=realism)
  • A parallel reality were neo-Nazis take over the US if nothing is done to control the ongoing racism.
  • Comp titles: The Man in the High Castle meets and upgraded Carrie White.
  • Not recommended for readers under the age of 18. (Please be aware this is not a YA novel.)

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