The Mezzo-Soprano

Beta Readers Reviews

“With recent events in the world during the time of reading, this story had a particular significance and this I felt, potentially made me react more strongly to this then I might have ordinarily. The storytelling was excellent, language was well used and there was an accurate use of poetic prose and more raw and candid prose throughout.” –

Stephanie Francis, beta reader and educator.

“In his debut novel, the Mezzo Soprano, Aaron Nava tells the story of Nadine, a self-centered, prejudiced teenager who’s about to get involved in a plot with terrible consequences. With vivid, dream-like imageries and thrilling twists of faith, Aaron guides his readers through Nadine´s journey of self-actualization and empathy. Showing it’s never late to change, if one’s willing to make sacrifices.”

Miguel F. Troncoso

“The Mezzo-Soprano is packed with nail biting thrills, mystery, and dazzling feats of action. A truly heart-wrenching and melancholy read from first to last page. Aaron Nava manages to tactfully write a contemporary-fantasy novel while also accurately mirroring America’s current racial issues and seedy political underbelly.”

A.R. Oblonsky, Copyeditor.

Book Blurb

Nadine Henderson, a self-absorbed teenage girl, has been singing her whole life in hopes of becoming the most famous singer in America. After many years of hard work and dedication to her craft, she finally feels ready to perform on the hit reality show America’s Most Talented. But during her big performance, a very strange thing happens.

A group terminally ill people claim to have fully recovered after hearing Nadine sing at the America’s Most Talented show. Soon, the word spread about the girl with the miracle voice. The overwhelming response to these claims by the media feels like an elaborate publicity stunt to Nadine at first, so she quickly dismisses the whole story. But when the FBI, CDC, and US government catch word of the strange occurrence, things start to get out of hand.

Authorities involved in the investigation to the supposed miracles say that it’s imperative for Nadine and her family to stay under protective custody until further notice. Confused and scared, Nadine tries to cope with the idea that she won’t be able to see her friends anymore.

Immediately after this mandatory house arrest goes into place, she starts receiving a slew of threatening emails—random pleas from thousands of strangers to cure them or their sick relatives with the power of her voice. But little does Nadine know that among those bleeding-heart letters is a vast network of underground Neo-Nazi groups formulating much darker plans for her. Nadine soon finds herself entangled in an intense game of psychological warfare with her pursuers.

Twisted minds threaten to reveal things about her past in order to guide and implicate their sinister agenda.

Trigger Warnings: This novel contains language, racial bias, racial slurs, racial violence, mass shootings, and intense scenes with violence.

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  • TITLE: The Mezzo-Soprano
  • GENRE: Contemporary-Fantasy
  • SUB-GENRE(S): Adventure, Crime, Dark Fantasy.
  • PUBLICATION DATE: October 31st, 2020
  • PUBLISHER: WriteIn: Aaron Nava
  • FORMATS: Paperback and ebook.


  • Heavy racial driven subplot 
  • Fantasy Level (on a 1-10 scale; 5=magic, 9=realism)
  • A parallel reality were neo-Nazis take over the US if nothing is done to control the ongoing racism.
  • Comp titles: The Man in the High Castle meets and upgraded Carrie White.
  • Not recommended for readers under the age of 18. (Please be aware this is not a YA novel.)

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