My Top 5 Books of 2020, So Far…

Well, I am back and honored to share with you my top 5 books of 2020. Some of these are way older, and I’m not particularly proud of not reaching my reading goal this year. But I finish writing my novel a couple of days ago. So, that has got to count somehow? My readingContinue reading “My Top 5 Books of 2020, So Far…”

The Mezzo Soprano – A Dark Fantasy Debut Novel

First, let me start by sharing some reviews from my beta readers. Although each and everyone had different points of view, I sincerely don’t expect you to agree with all of them. Every reader will interpret the narrative the way they see fit. Yes, not everything was wine and roses. A lot of re-writing wasContinue reading “The Mezzo Soprano – A Dark Fantasy Debut Novel”

The Mesmerizing Magic of the Contemporary Fantasy Genre

One of the most beautiful things I’ve discovered in my life is the contemporary fantasy genre. Although is normal not to catch its meaning right away, you’ll find out that it’s very easy to understand; once I lay out some examples. To me, it’s a touch of hope, a new way to see the word,Continue reading “The Mesmerizing Magic of the Contemporary Fantasy Genre”

3 Charming Book Formats for Modern Readers

How did people read in the past? The way we read has changed through the ages. In hindsight, some people think that reading is still exclusively for introverts. But Europeans in the 17th century read out loud. It was considered a social activity and people expected that you shared your texts. How strange is that,Continue reading “3 Charming Book Formats for Modern Readers”

7 Inescapable Rules for Newbie Writers when Self-Publishing their First Book

Who can Self-Publish a Book? There are a million ways to self-publish a fiction or nonfiction piece. Anyone who goes to Amazon KDP can self-publish his or her manuscript in 15 minutes or less. The problem is that self-publishing a book doesn’t mean you’re going to sell a trillion copies, or that you should considerContinue reading “7 Inescapable Rules for Newbie Writers when Self-Publishing their First Book”

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