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  • Formerly: studied cinematography; learned about screenwriting, directing and acting.

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To whom it may concern:

A human and result-driven marketing mindset that delights your customers. That is the main difference between my strategic approach from other candidates.

Hi, I’m Aaron and I’m very happy that you’re reading this letter. I can help your team increase content, performance, and customer loyalty.

I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work as a freelance publicist at the beginning of my career. It gave me the ability to manage suppliers and collaborate with other freelancers. 5 years later, I started working at a marketing agency and used the inbound method to create content that attracts, converts and delights. I also did plenty of ads on social media and perfected my talent as a copywriter. I’m also very proud to say that I’ve self-published two fiction novels on Amazon.

To be a leader means to focus on people, not tasks. Helping others reach their goals, increases productivity and motivation. I accept that I don’t have all the answers to every question. Which allows me to learn consistently and accept feedback from my team.

I work after hours on personal projects. These allow me to explore my creativity and perfect my skills. For example, I study French, read, do creative writing, and work on my blog to nurture my audience. I can communicate my ideas in both English and Spanish. I do strategic thinking, and put together a workflow that allows me to move forward.

I’m very excited to meet you and start building an outstanding business relationship.

Best regards,

Aaron Nava.

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