Book Review: More Happy Than Not (Spoiler-Free)


Title: More Happy Than Not

Author: Adam Silvera

What is it about?

This is a beautiful story about Aaron, his conflict with the skeptical Leteo Institute, and his personal life. The story starts with Aaron looking at a poster from this organization that simply states: suffering from unwanted memories? You should simply call X number.

Doesn’t that sound interesting? I thought of a few bad memories I would love to erase, to be honest.

The main character’s story is heartbreaking and I couldn’t stop feeling deeply connected with him (Besides sharing the same name). And there’s this search for happiness quest presented in a very real, raw, and realistic way, that keeps you questioning your struggles in life.     

General thoughts

Overall, I think the story gets a hold of your heart and plays with it the entire way. It’s beautiful no doubt, but it might not be for all readers. I think that the characters are strong and play their part in telling Aaron’s quest for happiness. I’m used to bittersweet tales and there’s nothing that surprises me when an author decides to explore those dark corners of human life and place his characters inside the real-real world.

This is the first Adam Silvera novel I’ve read, and I believe he’s famous for writing sad stories, and I have to agree. More Happy Than Not is no exception. It’s simply a roller coaster of emotions from page one to the last.

What did I like?

The whole concept of the human brain and tempering with memory hooked me throughout the book. The character building is so strong that I almost believed this happened at some point. The book feels so real despite adding an unrealistic element to it (or is it?).

What I didn’t like

The plot is sometimes foggy or unclear. At some point in the second act, I felt a bit lost. I don’t know if the story lacked something stronger to keep me engaged or if it was just the fact that I lost interest. It wasn’t until when I reach the third act that I got hooked.

Was it memorable?

No spoilers, but the end is something that will haunt me forever. It’s so heartbreaking that I needed a second before grabbing the book again. So, yes. The book is memorable.

What are people saying about the book?

“I seem to have found myself unintentionally reading Silvera’s bibliography in reverse chronological order and his books just keep getting sadder and sadder. but there is something in that sadness he creates. something living. something real. it’s something that makes you realize that heartbreak is good because it means you’re alive. and you begin to learn that positives can come from the negatives, that pain doesn’t have to be the end. you grow and understand and become the person you want to be. and then suddenly, you realize you’re More Happy Than Not.” Jessica from Goodreads.

“THIS BOOK. I’m getting choked up just thinking about it. I’ll avoid posting details for now, but suffice it to say that:
1. Aaron’s voice is pitch-perfect, and it’s impossible to read this book without falling in love with him.
2. It is full of surprises and twists and emotional highs and lows, to the point where putting the book down is almost physically painful.
3. It will break your heart in the best possible way.

Beautiful, beautiful book.” – From my beloved Becky Albertalli in Goodreads.

My grade as a reader, not a critic: 4/5 stars.

Final thoughts?

Don’t read this book if you’re sad, it will bring you down. Read it when you need to escape into another world and explore the beautiful words of Adam Silvera.

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