The Mezzo Soprano – A Dark Fantasy Debut Novel

First, let me start by sharing some reviews from my beta readers. Although each and everyone had different points of view, I sincerely don’t expect you to agree with all of them. Every reader will interpret the narrative the way they see fit. Yes, not everything was wine and roses. A lot of re-writing was done, but I’m happy and satisfied with the result. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


Caitlyn Schmitt, proof reader.

“In terms of the message the story is delivering, it is very relevant to the political and social climate of the US today, and I’m happy to see it explored in your story. I feel like now is the right time to be pursuing a story like this.”

Miguel F. Troncoso, beta-reader.

“In his debut novel, the Mezzo-Soprano, Aaron Nava tells the story of Nadine, a self-centered, prejudiced teenager who’s about to get involved in a plot with terrible consequences. With vivid, dream-like imageries and thrilling twists of faith, Aaron guides his readers through Nadine’s journey of self-actualization and empathy. Showing it’s never late to change if one’s willing to make sacrifices.”

Stephanie Francis, beta reader, and educator.

“With recent events in the world during the time of reading, this story had a significance and this I felt, potentially made me react more strongly to this than I might have ordinarily. The storytelling was excellent, the language was well used and there was an accurate use of poetic prose and more raw and candid prose throughout.”

Why did I write this novel?

The honest answer is that I reacted angrily when Donald Trump said that all Mexicans are rapists, bring drugs and crime into the US. I thought the world had matured enough to leave these conversations in the past. But this guy didn’t mind his tongue and babbled about a group of people he doesn’t even know nor understand. He’s the freaking President of the most powerful nation on earth, and he doesn’t realize that anything he says can move society in ways we don’t dare to imagine.

Sadly, according to my research, hate crimes have spiked since President Obama took office because he became the first President of color. Then things got even worst when Trump stepped in.

What is it about?

In short terms, is the story of Nadine, a selfish teen with the ability to cure people with her voice, unaware of the neo-Nazis stalking her. 

Two main questions move the story forward.

  • Will she join or fight against them? 
  • What if racism in America isn’t stopped?

What do you think about the story?

Ok, this is my baby. The journey started 5 years ago when I decided to take out a short story I wrote in film school. I thought it was nice, but that was it. I didn’t expect that someday it would become my debut novel. The truth is I dedicated so much to this story. I was angry and heartbroken when I realized why I wanted to write it in the first place. I can tell you without any remorse. That I am proud of what I did because I finish what I started. Regardless of the trillion roadblocks, I found the way to write the last sentence. Now, The Mezzo-Soprano is yours. You can love it or hate it, and I will respect your ideas. They are valuable; they will help me stand up and keep fighting in my writing journey.

Where can you buy the book?

For now, The Mezzo-Soprano is available on Amazon, Kobo, and Google Play. You can leave me a review on any of those platforms or Goodreads.

Published by Aarón Nava

Born in México City, 1987. Aaron has a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of México. He has worked for several advertising agencies specializing in inbound and content marketing. Aaron's currently working at Heroes and Sidekicks, focusing on creating valuable content that attracts, converts, and delights customers. In addition, he's passionate about books and creative writing.

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