3 Charming Book Formats for Modern Readers

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How did people read in the past?

The way we read has changed through the ages. In hindsight, some people think that reading is still exclusively for introverts. But Europeans in the 17th century read out loud. It was considered a social activity and people expected that you shared your texts. How strange is that, right? If you found someone reading out loud in the street today, you’ll probably think that person needs treatment. However, thanks to the internet, social media and technology in general; the way we communicate and the way we read has changed.

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Reading in the digital era

E-reading has gained popularity over the years. Although, most people still prefer the-good-old paperback and hardback formats, there are plenty of advantages that digital reading can bring into your life. We have new ways to boost our reading experience and our imagination.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of each and discover which one is best for you.

Which one is better: hardbacks, paperbacks, or eBooks?

  1. Hardbacks
  2. Paperbacks
  3. E-Books
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This book format is adored by hardcore readers. It has the advantage of protecting the book’s content for a very long time. The bindings are likely to endure far more than paperbacks. It’s also loved due to the aesthetic, the texture, and in most cases, the printing quality.


They cost more and are difficult to carry around. They’re frequently made for academic purposes and not for fiction. (Only well-known authors or best-selling books are most likely to be presented in this format). They’re required to have a higher wordcount or more than 300 pages. (In most cases)


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Well, you don’t need to be an expert to realize that a paperback book is easier to carry around and cheaper to print. This format is normally laminated with either matt or gloss lamination. The printing quality is still good and makes the reading experience pleasurable.


It’s easier for the book to get damaged and for the bindings to snap.

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I would dare to say that e-books have a huge advantage over hardcovers and paperbacks. First, you do the planet a favor, they are way cheaper than their predecessors and you can carry thousands of books in a single device. A digital library that’s with you 24/7 and let’s you access your favorite titles any place any time. 


Having said that, an ebook will never top the experience of having a physical book in your hands. Even though you can see your progress digitally in your kindle, there’s nothing like smelling a fresh bought book. Using bookmarks to track your progress or adding notes―with a pencil― to your favorite parts. Then, there’s the battery issue. Imagine you’re enjoying a blood-rushing chapter and the battery dies right in the middle of a cliffhanger. (That’s got to hurt).

Choosing the format that’s best for you

What matters is that you choose the one you’re most comfortable with.

  • Maybe you need to stop spending a huge amount of money in physical books, choose e-books instead;
  • Perhaps you need to protect the content of a book, hardcover is your thing;
  • Maybe you’re traveling and you need to feel light-weighted, paperback will do the trick;
  • Finally, maybe you love all three formats and enjoy having a mix, that’s fair!

Join me in a future entry to discuss audiobooks and the experience they offer.

Until next time #InkLovers!

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