Book Review “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell + Video

I’ll just go right to it.

Overall, “I loved it”. I think it’s because I’m going through a phase, and I got caught in the story. Watch the full video-review below!

However, I wish the ending of the book had been written differently; I simply wanted more. I really hope it’s because the author is preparing the second part, which I’ve been waiting for a long time. (September 2019? Maybe?)

So, I promise I won’t dig into spoilers, I’m just going to share my general thoughts about the story.

The novel is practically a love letter to the Harry Potter franchise but with the authors own perspective—and that is what I loved the most—. Ms. Rowell created her own magical world and her own exceptional characters; I’m talking about Simon Snow and Baz. (Basically the best characters in the story) Who begin as the tipical rivals who can’t stand each other, studying inside a magical school (Watford) that’s filled with secrets and thrilling monsters.


In my own personal opinion, there was a point in the book where I just wanted to read into their scenes, skipping the other parts—the quimestry between them was so damn good, that I didn’t want to read anything else.

This leads me to the formatting of the novel itself, it’s written in a way so that the reader can experience different points of view. At first I thought it was ok, but there was a moment in the middle of the novel where I just lost track of who was talking. I would have reduced the format to Simon and Baz’s point of view from the beginning of the third act.

Even as a writer myself, who loves to include different points of view to my stories, I know that It can mesmerize my readers at some point.

Yes—even if you place the name of the character at the beginning of each chapter. Because you don’t know what your reader is going to love the most. In my case it was Simon and Baz all the way, so I only cared about them. But for someone else it might by the world building, the “Humdrum” (Bad guy), the spells, etc.


Making this a multi-point-of-view story made me wonder, if the author wanted to expand as much as possible, just to appeal as many people as she could. (I’ve done this)

I would have left it to Simon and Baz only which, again, are the soul and heart of the narrative.

But, leaving those issues aside, I truly loved the story, I want more, I want a movie, I want the sequel (“Wayward Son?” Maybe?) I want the audiobook, everything and anything that has to do with this two. I’m so close of reading “Fan Girl” just to know more about them, but I’ll probably skip that one.


Thank you all for visiting my blog, I promise to write more but I’m in the middle of editing my own novel.

Good luck 📚😉

Published by Aarón Nava

Born in México City, 1987. Aaron has a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of México. He has worked for several advertising agencies specializing in inbound and content marketing. Aaron's currently working at Heroes and Sidekicks, focusing on creating valuable content that attracts, converts, and delights customers. In addition, he's passionate about books and creative writing.

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