3 Powerful Reasons Why NOT To Love Simon.

I was close to saying: “I’m sorry for what I’m about to write”, but no way, I’m so disgusted after watching: “Love, Simon”. Unfortunately I’m such a nerd, that as soon as I finished reading the book, I immediately watch the film, (Yeah I know, I’m a geek).

I agree that the subject can be debatable, but God knows I have more than a few reasons just to hate the entire production, except for Rob Simonsen, who made an amazing score for the movie. I think he was the only one on board with the story.

Everyone Deserves A Great Book Adaptation

1.- Changes in the storyline.

It’s possible, that some filmmakers may argue, that the entire book can’t “fit” into a movie format, and I agree, or that the screenplay has to be adapted to a 1 hour and 45 minutes film, and that’s the main reason why the storyline has to change. Couldn’t argue on that, but, using the same logic, why choose that format? why not a small TV series? or a two part or three part film? I wouldn’t care waiting as long as the story and the characters develop correctly. The entire movie feels and looks worst than “Fifty Shades of Grey”, which takes me to the second point.


2.- The characters.

It’s not fair that all the “magic” between them, got lost due to the poor performance from the actors. I can understand that it’s not entirely their fault, but, to be honest, I’ve seen Nick Robinson work since Jurassic World, and it feels like he is modeling and showing off, instead of acting and delivering true human emotions. I just can’t give any credit to his interpretation. I totally didn’t believe him when he said: “I love him, I love Blue”, or when he comes out to his parents, neither his parents reaction. This was so painful to watch.


3.- Just plain and lazy screenwriting.

The final and most heart breaking fact is that the screenplay and directing where totally mismatched. The fact that Blue’s identity isn’t revealed till the end, has a powerful reason, and I just don’t understand why they decided to show who’s writing the emails every time Simon has a convincing suspect. What happened to the storyline between him and Cal?!


I think the movie changed so many important details that didn’t led to the phenomenal ending that book delivered, and this just, turned out to be… yet another, mediocre LGTB love story. I’m sorry for Becky Albertalli, who’s work is far more convincing and so seamlessly elaborated. I totally want to keep the book, the score and trash the movie out off my car window.

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Read my review about Becky Albertalli’s book: “Simon vs. The Homo sapiens Agenda”.

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Born in México City, 1987. Aaron has a bachelor's degree in Advertising and Media from the Technological University of México. He has worked for several advertising agencies specializing in inbound and content marketing. Aaron's currently working at Heroes and Sidekicks, focusing on creating valuable content that attracts, converts, and delights customers. In addition, he's passionate about books and creative writing.

2 thoughts on “3 Powerful Reasons Why NOT To Love Simon.

  1. Oh shit, I didn’t realize that the kid they picked to play Simon was that annoying fucking teenage boy from “Jurassic World.” That in of itself worries me a little bit. Anyway, I’m still probably going to watch the movie, and if you want me to I’ll tell you what my opinion is on it after I watch it. Great review, you definitely pulled no punches. 🙂


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